Membership of the NASDPakistan

National Association for Sustainable Development of Pakistan or NASDPakistan is a non-profit & non governmental organization working for the promotion of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as the SDGs.

  1. To promote and create awareness in the Association regarding the Sustainable Development Goals as passed and enunciated by the United Nations and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.
  2. To promote the cause of social justice and equality by conduction of the Seminars, conferences and workshops along with training classes and to teach that what basically has been enshrined by the Quran and Islam regarding the causes at hand.
  3. To promote and establish a Association where poverty is minimized to the level best using and consuming the resources of the association and to create small field businesses for the poor.
  4. To establish the Counselling Workshops at one or more places as may be deemed proper by the Associations to prevent abuse of drugs and to caution the people of the dangerous effect on one’s life and consequently the Association at large as also to advice the effective measures to be taken by the afflicted persons and / or his / her guardians.
  5. Organization of Campaigns against user of drugs of various categories which affect the health, both mental and physical, of persons addicted to such drugs.
  6. Organization of strong campaign amongst people to make them aware of atrocities on women by educating them suitably on the issues.
  7. Creation of awareness amongst people including elites and non-elites about the dangerous ill effects of pollution of all types including environmental, atmospheric, smoke, water, sound to name a few only on the health of the Association at large and to advise them how to control the pollution by adopting different types of accepted ways and means both present and future.
  8. Undertaking welfare works amongst street children who are living in object condition by imbibing basic education covering literacy, moral and health education in order to make them respectable and responsible citizen.
  9. Organizing welfare programs for disabled people and to enthuse them to gain the courage of depending on one’s own capability.
  10. Organizing welfare programs of all varieties for disabled children, both mental and physical, by imparting training either literacy or vocational so that such children can mainstream in the Association.
  11. Encouraging people to plant trees in and develop eco-friendly environment so that atmospheric pollution is kept at bay and in order to achieve these – organize Seminars, Discourses, Lectures.
  12. Organizing meetings, seminars, workshop lectures and discourses and bringing awareness amongst the members of public about bad effect of use of Child Labor in dangerous industries and industries at large, which is prohibited by United Nations Organization.
  13. To adopt schemes for promotion of self-employment for unemployed Youth of the Association.
  14. To do all other welfare activities which are not covered by aforesaid clauses and which may need to be covered in future arising out of exigencies demanding attention to serve the people and Association generally.

If you wish to join NASDPakistan as it’s member, you are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Association hereinbelow cited.

A person shall not be qualified to become the member of the Association, unless—

  • He is the citizen of Pakistan,
  • He is of good moral character and is not the one who is commonly known as the one who does not abstain from immoralities

(2) A person shall be disqualified from being the member of the Association, if—


  • he is of unsound mind,
  • he is an undischarged insolvent,
  • he has shown gross moral turpitude towards the hierarchy of the Association without means, or has conspired to malign or bring bad name to the Association or,
  • he has abrogated or subverted or suspended in [means of his conduct] or held in abeyance, or attempted or conspired to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Rules and Regulations of the Association.


Notwithstanding anything contained in the clause (1) or Article 1, a member shall also be called as the Volunteer of the Association.



(3) Any person who qualified for being the member of the Association shall, subject to the rules, be entitled attend, speak and vote at any meeting of the Association on any matter which may be submitted for its consideration [subject to matters not otherwise tabled before the Board of Directors].

Upon accepting and undertaking the rules and regulations, eligibility criteria and objectives of the National Association for Sustainable Development of Pakistan, you can fill up the form below to formally become the member.