National Association for Sustainable Development of Pakistan or NASDEP is a non-governmental organization founded in 2020. The basic vision of the organization is to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or commonly known as SGS’s to the people of Pakistan and to make further progress to make this 2030 agenda of SDG’s a beautiful reality. NASDEP takes pride for being the premier and the pioneer organization nationwide for being dedicated merely for the Sustainable Development Goals because the leaders are fully convinced that the community can only be serviced when issues like poverty, youth and women empowerment, social justice, equality of manhood, education, health and social wellbeing are addressed and promoted in the Public.


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Our Agenda

Our Agenda is to make Pakistan a land where poverty is minimal, hunger is hard to find, health and well-being is for everyone, no child is deprived of education, genders are treated with equality and zero discrimination, youth is empowered and employed to contribute to the national economy, innovations are brought to industries and infrastructures, social inequalities are reduced to minimum, communities are decently self-sufficient to sustain themselves, citizens are taught enough to consume the resources responsibly, climate and environment is protected, earth is really treated like mother and protected against the inhumane odds and social peace and justice is abundant.